Dog Groomers

General notes, cost etc





Due to demand we now offer a collection and mobile grooming service. We will groom and pamper your dog with a kind and gentle touch, either in your own home or in the salon.

We groom all breeds and cross breeds.

We specialise in handstrippng

We trim nails (free between trims for regular customers)

We bath, leaving your dog smelling fresh

We clean and clear hair out of ears

To book an appointment or to simply discuss your dogs requirements please contact Laura on:

01209 215913

or 07789 108504

or email




A warm bath- shampoo-condition, facial, then hand dried (no caged dryers) and brushed, feet tidied, nails trimmed, sanitary trim, cleaning of ears, and a finishing spray

Labrador  from 25.00
Golden retriever from 35.00
Flat coated retriever from  35.00
Bearded Collie from  40.00
Border Collie From 30.00
Old English Sheep Dog from 45.00
Boxer from 20.00
Dalmatian From 25.00
Pug from 15.00
German Shepherd from 35.00
Greyhound from 18.00
Staffordshire bull terrier from 20.00


A full groom involves a warm bath, shampoo, condition, facial, hand dried, clipping and scissoring or hand stripping to specification, nails trimmed, removal of hair under feet, cleaning of ears and finishing spray.
Yorkshire Terrier from 25.00
West highland Terrier  from 25.00
Bichon Frise    from   30.00
Lhaso Apso from  27.00
ShitTzu  from 27.00
Cavalier King Charles from 25.00
Cocker Spaniel from 25.00
Springer Spaniel from 28.00
Cairn Terrier from 25.00
Border Terrier from 25.00
Miniature Shnauzer from 25.00
Giant Shnauzer from 35.00
Poodle:       Toy from 25.00
              Miniature from 28.00
              Standard from 35.00
Airedale Terrier from 35.00

For Oodles and Doodles and Poo's, due to the vast difference in cross breeds coats, please ring for a guide price
Please note all prices are a starting guide only.

Final prices will be given on consultation.
For all regular customers, we offer a free in-between nail trim.
Additional charges may occur for coats in a bad condition.
If your Dogs coat is matted, in relation to the Animal Welfare Act 2006, Bordercorner will remove matted coats by the safest methods to ensure no distress is caused to the animal




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